About JaxMe 2

JaxMe 2 is a Java/XML tool that simplifies converting XML documents to other forms such as Java objects, relational database tables, and Enterprise Java Beans.  When you use JaxMe, you save time because you don't have to do the gruntwork of writing a lot of XML processing logic.

JaxMe has two major phases:

For your mapping specification, you'll design and use a JaxMe schema, which supports a subset of the W3C XML schema, with extensions for JaxMe mapping. For more information, see About the JaxMe Schema.

Once you've designed your JaxMe schema, you use the JaxMe code generator to automatically translate the JaxMe schema into Java source files. Then your Java application can transfer data between XML documents and:

JaxMe comes in the tradition of tools such as Castor, Zeus, Breeze, and the Bolero-Tamino-Clip from Software AG. It differs from other Java/XML tools in the following ways: For a tutorial in using JaxMe, see Generating Java classes.