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- A Framework for Java/XML binding based on SAX2 -

As of Oct 2003, JaxMe 2 was accepted for incubation into the Apache web services project. As a consequence, the further development of JaxMe 2 on SourceForge is discontinued. Development of JaxMe 1 will continue for a while, as long as JaxMe 2 becomes stable.


JaxMe is a tool for Java programmers that greatly simplifies working with XML. JaxMe is your friend, if you : 
  • just want to write your Java application, without worrying about the details of XML programming
  • want to have the speed of SAX2 and the simplicity of DOM
  • insist on type safety rather than treating everything as a String
What JaxMe does may be best demonstrated by an example. Suppose we have the following XML document:
      <owner>Jochen Wiedmann</owner>
      <created>25-Aug-2002 09:34:27</created>
What do you want to do with this document?
  • Insert it into a database
  • Read it from the database and update or delete a record in the database
  • Read it from an external source, such as a web application.
  • Convert it into XML for later use in the same web application
JaxMe automatically generates the following set of Java classes for you:
  SAX2 ContentHandler 
  String eOwner;
  Double eBalance;
  java.util.Date eCreated
  parse(String pXmlDocument);
  parse(java.io.File pXmlFile);
  parse(java.net.URL pUrl);
  insert(ClsBankAccount pXmlDocument);
  update(ClsBankAccount pXmlDocument);
  delete(ClsBankAccount pXmlDocument);
  select(String pQuery);

Note that: 

  • As a SAX2 handler, the class ClsBankAccountHandler supports namespaces. 
  • The instance variables eOwner, eBalance and eCreated have appropriate Java types, providing the standard benefits of type safety.
For more information, see JaxMe Documentation
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